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Exercise Rehabilitation

As Exercise Physiologists, we believe in healing through movement.

Exercise rehabilitation can be powerful if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:

Our Exercise Physiologists will take you through a personalised exercise rehabilitation training program. They will get you moving in the right way so that you can heal and realise your fitness and lifestyle goals.

What is Exercise Rehabilitation?

Exercise rehabilitation plays an important role during recovery from pain or injury. The  goal of rehabilitation is to help you recover faster while preventing unnecessary injury. Exercise rehabilitation will restore function and get you back to your everyday routine so  you can enjoy life with the aches and pains.
The purpose of exercise rehabilitation is to bring back full function after an injury. Exercise helps to improve flexibility, restore muscle strength, endurance and power. Our professional and accredited Exercise Physiologists will work with you and plan various exercises so that you can achieve these results. 
To successfully heal from an injury exercise rehabilitation is important, but often  overlooked. Understanding your injury allows us to plan a successful exercise regimen  for you to follow. Healing times vary depending on the person as well as the injury. 

Exercise Rehabilitation Has Many Benefits

When you are recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic conditions or going through cancer treatment, it is normal to not want to exercise. You might not feel up to it, but the benefits of exercise rehabilitation are worth the time and energy that you will spend. We will help you learn and execute your exercises correctly to reach some of these benefits: 
Talk to one of our qualified Exercise Physiologists about how we can help you realise your goals.