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Long Term Athletic Development

Long Term Athletic Development

Children, teenagers and adults to need to safely develop skills and movements at the right time to optimise their activity or sport. Our Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) programs help define these skills and movements along their activity pathway. Research points us in one direction – doing the right things at the right time will help us get active, stay active and help achieve our potential.

How Often Should You See Our Exercise Physiologists for Long Term Athletic Development?

In your initial consultation we will discuss your goals for long term athletic development and recommend a plan moving forward. We can work with a LTAD athlete or child for years as they mature in the following time frames, depending on your goals:

Why Long Term Athletic Development is Important

Long Term Athletic Development leads to continual improvement. Rather than working for immediate goals and gratification, you are able to improve a little each day. After continuous improvement and development, you will experience the desired performance that can span your lifetime.

The Long Term Athletic Development model works and provides the finest training. When children are introduced to the Active Start Stage at a very young age they are more likely to reach their full athletic potential.

The different stages of Long Term Athletic Development have been proven to help children grow and accelerate during training. These developmental periods provide fundamental skills and abilities that will help them grow. 

Talk to one of our qualified Exercise Physiologists about how we can help you realise your goals.